Roger in February 2022

My mission 

I am on a mission to change the way people think about flowers. In today’s world, there are so many complexities, and we are facing inflation. I want to change people’s view that it is important to take it easy and enjoy life with flowers. I aimed to make it so that every person at my website can find that perfect bouquet of flowers at a cost that won’t break the bank. 


My vision 

To help people realize that sharing and having flowers is vital and is one of the key ingredients for being happy and fulfilled with life.


Get to know the owner

My story began in the 70’s. I was a young child that grew up in the flower business. My parents and grandparents from my father’s side, were florists. I no doubt ended up with the same love for flowers as my family did. 

My father inherited his first flower store from his parents. Later, my parents opened a second store in Palos Verdes, California. Their first flower store was in Los Angeles and was very monumental. 

As the years passed, they sold the second store, because it was extremely difficult for us to manage a second store so far away from the first main store. 

My parents started looking north westward for a store that hopefully, I could own for myself. They managed to open a store in Thousand Oaks, but it didn’t turn out quite the way my parents had in mind. I became sick and could not manage Thousand Oaks Florist on my own. 

Fast forward to today. I managed to open a virtual store. A virtual store means, I don’t have a physical commercial store with a bunch of products. It is a store via an online website. I order only what sells, so that way, I can save a whole bunch of money. No commercial property rent to pay or inventory to keep. Someday, I hope to open a physical commercial store on the outskirts of Thousand Oaks. Until then, bear with me as I hope to fulfill your orders. 

I understand that the world is upside down and that we are facing high inflation. I will do my part to harmonize with inflation by maintaining the lowest possible prices.   I believe we are here in this planet to create as it is written in the holy scriptures.  Thus, I am fortunate to love to create florals for you and your friends.

I am glad to share this bibliography with my readers. I want to inspire anyone to not give up. Like Judge Judy says, “If you didn’t make it in your 20s, then try again in your 30s. And if you didn’t make it in your 30s, try in your 40s. And if you didn’t make it in your 40s, try in your 50s, and so forth”. 

I have been highly blessed with the best family tree around. My heritage is a Spanish Jew, but have been, recently born-again Christian. I love, Father God more than anything else. I dedicate this website to him. In the name of Jesus the Christ, I say this written prayer. 

Forever Amen. 

Customer Reviews 

My floral search was finally over when I discovered my dream florist, A Bunch of Flowers online.  I was blown away by the stunning floral arrangement I received from Roger at A Bunch of Flowers. The colors and design were truly breathtaking. 

 I highly recommend A Bunch of Flowers for all your floral needs. Roger is incredibly talented and always exceeds my expectations. 

 Roger is a great listener and extremely creative; not to mention very trustworthy. I highly recommend him. 

The customer service at A Bunch of Flowers is top-notch. Roger is friendly, helpful, and truly dedicated to creating the perfect floral arrangement for any occasion.  

 I have been a loyal customer of A Bunch of Flowers for a few months. His attention to detail and commitment to quality never fails to impress me.  

 I see that Roger loves his work. I don’t know what possesses him to determine to do so well. He is so happy to do well. It really amazes me. I have no doubts about his abilities. The saying is true… “Whatever the mind can conceive, it can achieve.”