Delivery Services

I am one of the only florists that truly cares for my customers’ pocketbooks. At A Bunch of Flowers, I offer my own floral delivery with an all-inclusive price in Thousand Oaks and Newbury Park.  You can spend as little as $26.50 in total. It is simple. My prices include your item(s), local delivery, and sales tax. I offer one of the lowest florist prices on my flowers too. 

  One may look at a purchase from me a bit differently. Try to compare a dinner for two out. The cost for a night out for two typically costs $30+.  For about the same price, you can get beautiful flowers in a vase that will be delivered to your doorstep and will last for about a week or longer.  And you got to ask yourself; how long will your dinner out for two last? 

 Besides offering low prices, one should rest assured that your delivery will be hand delivered to your recipient in the most careful way.  I have the equipment to securely and safely transport your florals. 

 To other florists, I offer local delivery of any type of floral arrangement to your recipient’s address.

To My Local Florists Friends: 

 For $22, I can pick up your floral arrangement from your shop and deliver your flowers to any local destination; plus, tips are welcome and received. I supply the driver, vehicle, fuel, insurance and any materials needed to handle the flowers securely to my vehicle. 

 My delivery areas are: Thousand Oaks, Newbury Park and Westlake Village California.